Eco-tourisme en Iran

Ecotourism activities are gradually becoming popular in Iran. Although Iran has a diverse climate and remarkable biodiversity, major limitations such as lack of conclusive regulations, educational programs and infrastructure, have contributed to the slowing of the development of ecotourism in the country. Iran have various natural attractions such as temperate forests in the north with high humidity and rainfall (1700), deserts and salt lakes in the central part of Iran, high mountains (such as 5671 meter-high Mount Damavand), glaciers and coastal areas.

Considered one of the five countries in the world with the highest biodiversity, Iran is home to 514 bird, 172 mammal, 199 reptile, 20 amphibian, 173 fish and 9000 plant species. Popular ecotourism activities in Iran include trekking in mountains, desert treks, bird watching in coastal areas and wetland, and diving. The existence of a large cultural diversity is another important characteristic that attract eco-tourists to Iran. Different ethnic groups and folks live in various parts of Iran. Each of these ethnic groups has its own history, culture, customs, traditions and languages.

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